Emergencies 2012

The GIA 2012 Conference 7th June


Emergencies in Gastroenterology and Hepatology 8th June

will be held:

June 7-8th 2012
Auditorium ACC
Penang General Hospital


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CLOSING Date for Registration is 20th April 2012


The reason we chose emergencies as our topic this year is to highlight the importance of emergencies related to endoscopy, gastroenterology and hepatology. Certain conditions are classified as emergency because the first few hours of diagnosis and initiation of treatment will greatly affect the outcome of the patient. Failure to implement intervention in this golden period causes a drastic worsening of outcome. Hence, the knowledge and treatment becomes exceedingly crucial to patient's survival. Every little step and help will improve patient's survival.

Hence we hope that after this update, the algorithm of treatment will be clearer and this will lead to earlier diagnosis and treatment subsequently better outcome for our patients.