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Medicine is a dynamic and everchanging subject. The landscape that you see today may be irrelevent by the time next week rolls along.


As part of Penang General Hospital's commitment to improve knowledge and care, the endoscopy and gastroenterology unit makes it a point to organize courses and updates which tackle relevant and pertinent issues that will impact the daily practise of medicine in order to improve care and delivery of service to our patients


The list of updates and courses that we have conducted since 2010 are listed below:




3rd Hepatology Postgraduate Course 8th September 2012

 Endoscopy Scientific Meeting 7th June 2012

Emergencies in Gastroenterology Scientific Meeting 8th June 2012

Hepatitis and HCC Update 2011

Endoscopy Update 2011 (PEG Care) 2011

GIA Update 2010